The Five Minute Sketch


This five minute sketch of a gazelle allowed my drawing to be care free and bold, if anything I intentionally tried to make it more messy. A minimum amount of shading shows the outline of this face, and brings detail to certain features and streaks.

The hardest part to sketching like this is not overworking it, by adding to much detail, fine lines and shading, it is important to be carefree and avoid rubbing rough sketch lines out, unless they are drastically out of proportion. I found a slightly blunt 2b pencil was most useful for the drawing.

2 responses to “The Five Minute Sketch

  1. love your sketches, you have some talent! I always respect people who can create art in a short period of time: it’s more reflective of talent and emotion

    • Thank you very much! It means a lot to hear something like that 🙂 I checked out your music on facebook, it is really good! Loved listening to it x

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