Readers – help!


Dear readers, it’s Edith here! I am posting to ask your opinions on a rather unexpected topic. Until recently it occurred to me that my blog was changing frequently, expanding its topics and audience, and I began to question this: does the blogs name live up to this now? I am unsure of whether I should rename this blog to something more fitting, or if I should keep it at ‘Little Illustrations’, what are your opinions on the matter?

2 responses to “Readers – help!

  1. Opinion? Okay … for what it’s worth.
    ‘Little Illustrations’ is fine I believe. Even though the pieces have become much larger of late. The word Illustrations can be interpreted in the sense of explanations, justifications or clarifications around your pieces.
    View the title as being in reference to your posts, not your works. Most posts seems to be around you, your work and its progress. In a sense ‘Little Illustrations’ is still a worthy title.

    • Thank you very much for your opinion, I really appreciate it! I believe I should keep the title as the blog has evolved and explored a variety of things, but it is still the same blog! Thank you so much 🙂 x

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