Watercolour Techniques


Today has been such a busy day! I’ve learned some great new techniques that I would love to share with you – if you have not already discovered them! The image above is of Hogweed. This flower was the example presented in the book Watercolour Textures by Ann Blockley, perfect for me, as it grew besides the foxgloves I am doing a commission of!


There are several things going on in the photo above! Firstly I would like to point out the use of salt, which creates an interesting, blotchy texture. I have experimented with this before and have found that really fine salt does not work well, but that rock salt works best! Secondly the yellow flower has been painted on using masking fluid, which provides protection on areas of the painting that you do not want colour on.


This picture shows me peeling the masking fluid off once it had dried.


I also used iridescent watercolours which give the shimmering effect.


Here the finished painting can be seen. Some areas of the flower are slightly blotchy – but that is due to my impatience with letting the paint dry! I hope that you give these techniques a go!

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