17 songs to listen to whilst you draw

17 Songs

Today I am sharing with you a collection of what I consider to be some of the world’s most beautiful songs/soundtracks. I hope that you find inspiration – as I did – in them.

Main Titles, The Cider House Rules – Rachel Portman
Sanctuary – James Newton Howard
End Titles, The Duchess – Rachel Portman
End Titles, Emma – Rachel Portman
Place de la République – Cœur de pirate
Passes – Helen Jane Long
Northern Pastures – Two Steps From Hell
Caribbean Blue – Enya
The Queen of Faerieland – James Newton Howard
Beatrix & Norman – Nigel Westlake
Scarborough Fair – Sarah Brightman
Ponds – Biggi Hilmars
To the Cottages – Rachel Portman
Suite, Mona Lisa Smile – Rachel Portman
Leaving the Docks – Zbigniew Preisner
Planet Earth Forever – Jo Blankenburg
Amas Veritas – Alan Silvestri

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