6 responses to “ Making progress

      • You put my self-taught skills to shame. I don’t know how you manage pressure. But, take whatever time you need to do your best. Do you ever make drafts or copies in case you slip up? Or, do you just go forward with one try to perfection?

      • I don’t make drafts or copies as the process is far too long and time consuming to start again! I make hundreds of mistakes every time, but these can easily be covered up if you go lightly enough and slowly enough with the pencil!

      • That’s part of my problem. I take too long making one picture. And, mine are not as elegantly layered as yours. But, I have developed a sort of draft system similar to what digital artists uses. I pencil the first draft, trace it, ink the second and then photo copy the inked copy a few times to experiment with shading and other added details. It kinda spoils the notion of an original work/one shot…but it takes some pressure off of me sweating while layering.

        I go too light and no one can see what I draw:P Just as I seem to speak too softly sometimes to be heard. I use plenty of eraser when I can. But, even my white eraser has caused bad smears.

      • That system sounds like a really good one! If I am using watercolours I tend to adopt this also – they aren’t as controlled as using pencils! But anyhow I don’t think this spoils the notion of an original work! Haha yes, I find this also, you just have to be persistent!

        Similar to you I have this problem with the eraser. Colour pencil is hard to rub out and always leaves behind slight colour and a difficult surface to draw on, this is why layering is so important so you can take your time! 🙂

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