Learning to Dwell

Finished Pages

What an unbelievably busy first term it’s been! So once again I find myself apologising in the holidays for the lack of activity on my poor old blog during the autumn term!

I thought I might give you a little update on what I’ve been up to this term. The year started off with a quiet few weeks when I moved into my house (very much alone) for some pre-season training. I moan about being alone but to be honest I quite enjoyed having the house to myself! It wasn’t long after I found myself in a lecture hall making choices about modules and studio units for the forthcoming year!

I could tell you so much about what we’ve been up to in the studio – but I would end up writing an essay! So to sum up. It think it’s fair to say I’ve been back and forth between Nottingham and Coventry more times than I would like, and that I’ve never competed so much for desk space in my life! But enough of the negatives, it’s been a fantastic term and I feel like I’ve improved a lot already, now I just have to get through Christmas!

So the sketch above illustrates the final design I been working towards all term. The brief required 9 dwellings, 6 dementia friendly and 3 family dwellings. My design compromises a mixture of apartments and housing, arranged along Bond Street in Coventry. I’m still working on this project, but will hopefully upload shortly!

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