Moments Through Model Making

Moment (with 1 person) copy

It’s been a tough year so far, I have so many deadlines looming I don’t even know where to start! Anyway, today I knuckled down for a solid 8 hours, with 5 cups of tea, two hot cross buns and a nutella cookie to keep me going.

I can’t quite remember if I have introduced this project to you before, but essentially we are designing a protest centre on a site located just South of the Cathedral in Coventry. The images above show a sketch 1:50 model I made of one of our key spaces – the atrium/gallery space. I used this model to develop the design, and finally, today I tackled the job of trying to capture it on paper. The top image shows the final ‘moment’ after 8 long hours of drawing, painting and photoshopping. It’s not perfect, but I would like to think it captures the essence of the space!

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