10 Things I Learnt in America

I was flicking back through my photos the other day when I found this cute photo of a rather excited, more tanned version of myself stood in front of a pretty large tree. A sequoia tree in fact, one that had fallen down in Yosemite National Park. I only spent two days camping there, but I can safety say that Yosemite is truly the most beautiful place that I have ever been on this earth, I hope I can go back one day!

So I also wanted to share ten things I learnt whilst in America:

1. I’m actually terrified of raccoons – there’s just something about their eyes and their paws. I watched countless times from the other side of the cabin window as they ransacked the bins. Even scarier, the evidence of them having been there in the night; the toppled over bins, food everywhere, knowing that whilst you were sleeping, on the other side of the thin, cork wall, was a raccoon.

2. Frozen custard and flavoured ice is a winning combination on a hot summer day. Rita’s is basically my new favourite thing, and I am so gutted we don’t have it here in England. Having said that, we don’t have many hot summer days.

3. Sequoia trees actually fall over from their own weight and can survive being struck by lightening. Of course, I did learn this in Yosemite. I actually got the chance to walk through the hollowed out trunk of one of these beautiful trees!

4. “You’re good” as opposed to an awkward British response to “I’m sorry”. Too many times I have been lost for words when someone is apologising to me, do I say “it’s alright”, “it’s okay”? No, “you’re good!”

5. Juniors is super tasty. A slice of Junior’s Devils Food Cheesecake is especially good, however if you ever go there, share it between 3.

6. Dominoes brownies are on a different level. They have to be at least 6 times the size (although that could be an exaggeration), marbled, warm, just amazing.

7. Sweet tea is apparentley a thing?

8. Scones are biscuits, biscuits are scones, and you can have them with meat and gravy (which is bread sauce). Biscuits and gravy is actually eaten for breakfast, which I still can’t get my head around.

9. Muscle beach is actually just a small outdoor gym/stage at Venice beach – I was under the impression it was an entire beach!

10. At Yosemite they have volunteers to pick fruit off the trees to prevent the bears from wandering into the commercial parts of it. I didn’t actually see a bear, but I saw a bob cat.

2 responses to “10 Things I Learnt in America

  1. Eddie the cloud i’m disappointed I’m not included in this entry.

    – your camper
    Sarah Marchant

  2. Eddie the cloud with the cat kissing boyfriend how did u not include me in this. Me and Sarah are disappointed and want a hamburger.

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