Absurd Cutlery


To me, it seemed absurd that a family could invest so much time and money into collecting silverware, when ultimately, its function is purely as basic as to be used for eating.

For my final piece I attempted to protest and to express my frustration. I designed three sets of cutlery for three ridiculous courses; cutting the atmosphere, eating slowly, and the course of silence.

I then filmed my friends trying to use the cutlery. I expected them to be frustrated, but found that they actually really enjoyed using the cutlery, and as a result, their experience of eating was much more interesting. I also noticed that they adjusted the way in which they were eating, they had changed their etiquette.

After reflecting on this, I revoked my original statement about the silverware being unnecessary. I’ve found it is the appearance and value that we place in objects, that enchances or changes our experience of using them, therefore it is important to look beyond just an object’s function.

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